Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Wandering Soul

My shop is back up and running. I have to do some work on it. I will be adding certificates of authenticity to the luminaries. They take hours to make and are functional pieces of very unique art.

I really need to get some candle sales under my belt. For my readers you can enter the coupon code WANDER to get 10% off any of my candles. These are made with the finest materials I could find. I literally spent two months researching materials so that I could bring you eco friendly, sustainable and healthy candles. The scents that come in the green jars are the most eco thoughtful because the green jars are 100% recycled. I am also doing a free sample give away to bloggers so you can test it out and do a short write up on what you think of the candles.

Rock lamps will be coming back as soon as possible. I have to buy a brand new drill press because we were unable to transport the one from New York. Once I have the new press, new lamp parts, bits and have hiked to get the rocks I will have new looks for you all to browse from. This is all very exciting and I cant wait to get going. Thank you so much for your support!

Connie Bankus
A Wandering Soul
Team: Inspiring Origins

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