Saturday, September 17, 2011


I have been doing a bunch of blog posts on Tumblr. I like how it frames my photos and what not. I also like that people can easily share my photos allowing me to get the word out about my candles.

My smexy tumbler page. 

Monday, September 12, 2011

Cape Lookout

This weekend we spent all of our hike time at Cape Lookout. Though these trails are short they are my favorite so far. I like the whole package. I like the drive from Forest Grove down to Tillamook and I like the trails. I like that they are peaceful and that often we can have the beach to ourselves.

I am still having a hard time wrapping my brain around the concept that it can be 97 degrees in Forest Grove and 60 at the ocean. The fog was in on both days and where the trees were heavy and the elevation was right the condensation created a pretty good rain.

We need to revisit the Lookout sometime when it isn't as foggy. I didn't mind too much that we couldn't see out when we go there though because the hike was really fun. The cool weather made my dogs really spunky and Ozzy loves roots and tangles on a trail. We splashed through the mud and hurried along only stopping to snap a few awesome pictures. I kept my camera in the bag for the most part to avoid the moisture.

I had worn shorts and didn't bring a coat because it was so insane hot out at home. My legs were bright pink from the cold after. It was well worth it though. I could hike forever in the cooler weather and it was a nice escape from our air condition less house.

The road out to the Triple Arches seems to be under construction at the moment so we will try and hit those next summer. You can see them on a clear day way out in the bay area. They look impressive even from a distance!

I'll see you all here again soon! Maybe with some new designs for my eco friendly candles. :) You can find me now on Tumbler!