Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Under Appreciated Table

We were looking around at all the antique stores for the perfect rustic table. I wanted the new place to feel like my grandmother’s house and boy did we pull that off with this table and chairs. My grandmother had a set of T-Back chairs like t his on a larger scale.

When we found this gem of a table at Le Stuff and they sold it to us for a great price because they felt it needed a little work. I totally disagreed. The character in the wood grain is stunning and the legs have a really unique way of folding in allowing the table to be easily moved. We were able to slide it into the mini with plenty of space on the sides.

We are only using two thirds of the table at the moment so that it fits nicely in our breakfast nook. We are also only using 2 of the chairs that I found at Heirloom Antiques to go with it and will pull the others out when we have guests. My great grandmother’s vase and cut flowers from the yard accent the table in just the right ways. I love this table and it will be cherished.

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