Saturday, August 20, 2011

Quick Egg Tip

My husband was asking me this morning if I thought the eggs from the farmer's market were still good. If you are buying eggs from the farmers market the chances are they are more fresh then the ones from a store. The eggs from a store have to be shipped and processed. After driving cross country I can conceptualize how this would make the eggs at least a week old at the least.

Another way to figure out if your eggs are still good is to break them from a reasonable hight above your bowl. When they fall in and the yolk still stays in a nice solid clump they are still good. Smells are a good indicator too. A stinky egg is a bad egg.

Red dots in a egg just means it has been fertalized. If you are buying farm eggs this is going to happen because the chickens are free range and able to do it. hehe. If it grosses you out eating a egg with a red dot it it you may have no business eating eggs in the first place. Food that comes to us in its natural state is much healthier. We have all heard the saying "We are what we eat."

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