Thursday, August 18, 2011

An Amazing Artist

This painting is one of my most favorite paintings. It was done my Curtis Yax in 1978. He was far ahead of his time and each brush stroke is like a work of art in its self. Each stroke seems to be moving on the page allowing the viewer to see this fantastic moment as a favor I had no right to ask for.

I felt so incredibly honored when Curtis saw a stone carving of a octopus I did and said he would be willing to trade on of his amazing paintings for it. I had admired a colored painting much like this one with a turtle in it and I very much wanted a turtle.

He took great time picking out the painting he was going to allow me to have and hand wrote out instructions on how to take the greatest of care of it. I understood his caution about giving his art away when he told me horror stories of people pinning his paintings up to the wall with thumb tacks.

This is the most stunning painting and I treasure it with all of my being. I am so grateful to Curtis for allowing me to trade my art for his and have placed the painting over my office desk so I can admire it every day. I will never be as amazing an artist as him but am inspired by his talent every day.

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