Sunday, August 14, 2011

Eco Friendly Wedding

At the end of July I went to a fantastic country wedding. The bride and groom were very resourceful and had home made decor, planet friendly gifts for the guests and did an all around amazing job with the wedding.

The candles I have made at my shop are just perfect for a wedding. I spent two months researching the best materials for these candles. The all natural hemp wicks burn very bright and clean. I chose 100% recycled frosted moss green containers. They have delicate flowers on the side that give them a graceful look with the flame dancing behind the glass. The best part about these candles is the fact the glass the candle comes in is totally reusable. It would make a cute drinking glass or could even be reused for a new candle. Some candle containers are just not the right size or scream candle container and just can not be used again. 

I have the classic candle container but have done something unique with it. When I contacted the company about these they stated they use 30% recycled glass. I decided to make them reusable by making a vellum hand cut design that slides on and off them. You can slip the beautiful design off, wash the container and place a small votive candle at the bottom or have it refilled with a new all natural candle. The hand cut vellum designs are totally original and looks stunning with a candle burning behind them. They make the candle totally unique and I am able to come up with new designs for your wedding to make it stand out from any other. 

Also available are hand cut paper luminaries. I used recycled card stock for these. They depict designs inspired by nature. I mail small battery operated tea light candles with them. These use small watch size batteries that can be replaced and reused. I have sold a couple of these so far and people really love them. They would be a perfect centerpiece for a wedding that wanted something original, stunning and eco conscience. 

So many weddings have decorations that will just be tossed in the trash later. It is nice when the decorations are something people can take home and use for years to come. Every time you view the glass the candle was in or light up the little luminary you can remember that day and know you didn't waist a bit of your money on something that would end up in a landfill. 

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