Saturday, August 20, 2011

King Mountain Trail

King Mountain Trail is not for the feint of heart. About 30 minutes west of Forest Grove are a set of trails that are pretty isolated and very challenging.

We hit this today. Its summit is about 3200 ft. We made it to about 2200 ft. and realized we did not bring enough water for us and our two dogs in the 87 degree weather. We turned back and plan on bringing more water and finishing it another time.

It was 2.4 miles and we did about 2/3 of it in 3 hours. It is pure up hill climbing with some spots you need to almost double over to make it up. On the way down it is quick but tricky with very steep trails covered in loose rocks. I have good Salomon hiking shoes and still had a hard time on some spots.

There were people taking their kids up and lots of dogs. Our dogs struggled a bit towards the top and are now dual snoring on their beds. I would definitely try and hit it but not place it on your list of firsts if you are just getting back in shape. You will feel the burn.

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  1. LOVE love love the photos! I'm a California-coastal baby, and so missing the lush forests. Your photos were a a lovely vacation from my current arid-surroundings.


  2. I have never been to the state you are currently living in. I have heard the people there are really nice. I just joined your blog and can see pictures from where you live. :D Thanks so much for reading!