Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Technology Loop

I have been sucked into the technology loop! I am now managing this etsy shop, facebook, twitter, blogspot, yelp and tumbler. I have an Amazon account, netflix, emails with funny video links, recipes, eco friendly feeds and following other people's blogs.

It can all become overwhelming but can also be totally awesome in a way that it gets you out there. Its like your credit rating where the more you spend on the credit card and pay it off the better credit rating you have and the person who is frugal with their money and never needs a credit card has a horrible credit rating. You need the credit rating to get anywhere! Your head starts to spin.

The expense of managing all of these hubs of information about me and my shop are paying off though. More and more people all over the world can find out about me. I can google eco friendly candles and mine will show up third in a list of items that are drawn from major sites like My small candle business I created in my kitchen is now all over the web. A person can google their name and their picture will show up. I called a lamp parts vender and he had actually heard about A Wandering Soul.

What does this mean for my little etsy shop? Maybe a sale here or there but the action is being spread out. I am making connections so that I can go do shows outside of the internet. I am meeting artists who think like me and have given me tips on how to work with different mediums. We are forming un-official alliances and my name is getting around.

I was talking to an owner of a small sub shop here in Forest Grove, Oregon. They had to get their business going working every spare hour they had to make the dream work. It is a fantastic place with lots of customers. Little did they know that they have been twittered about and added to facebook gps checkins. They have been yelped about and have a virtual five star rating.

People of my generation turn to the internet first when making choices. We are used to being bombarded with information and the only way to get through the tangled mess with a shred of sanity is to attack it with a search engine and word of mouth. It is a world of technology and instant, raw un-censored reviews. You have to dive in head first even if it is intimidating and you might make mistakes. Who knows maybe your business will be the next thing to go "viral"!

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