Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Shout Out To Phil's 1500 Subs

If you are visiting the Forest Grove area and want a really great in expensive meal Phil's 1500 Subs  is the place to go. When we first moved here and were lagging from unloading the U-Haul we found this place online and stopped in. It is a great shop in the plaza next to Safeway.

The people that work there are SO nice and they did the nicest thing ever. I mentioned to them in passing we were from Upstate New York and told them how my husband's favorite sandwich was the Buffalo Chicken. They said they would mention this to Phil and they did! This month they have what my husband describes as "The best buffalo chicken sub he has EVER had"

They picked the best chicken that is nice and juicy and covered it in the perfect amount of spicy hot sauce.  They do it with peppers, onions, pepper jack cheese, lettuce all slathered in frank's hot sauce and blue cheese.

I had a bite of his sandwich and it rocked my world. Other subs I love from their shop are the Turkey Burger Sub, The Viking that is like a Italian combo, and their Warhead that is a ruben type sub with a twist.

Thanks Phil's 1500 for making an amazing Buffalo Chicken Sub; the best one on the West Coast!

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