Sunday, December 18, 2011

This time of the year

I know for a lot of people this is a really hard time of the year. One the sun is not out as often but two it is a season that revolves around family. Family is not always a Disney depiction of what it is supposed to be. It can be a very lonely time. 
I just want you who is reading this and feeling these things to know it will get better. You are not alone. You are in a world with a billions of people and so many of them are going through the same thing. 
You can find that happy place again. If you really want it. It wont arrive in a present under your tree with shiny wrapping paper but if you want it and are bold enough to whisper it sending it out into the universe amongst the starts it will come. Another person can’t give it to you but they can nurture it like a tiny seed. You must plant the seed fist through. Seek happiness. Fill your life with sun, rain and and love. You are the Gardener. You choose the environment this tiny seed of happiness will grown in. Give yourself good food, go outside into the light, learn to see your own beauty. Be sure to surround your self with people who will not squash your tender stem but give you support and shelter. Learn to forgive but cut out toxic elements in your life. 
Whenever you feel like it is all too much just think of that tree that started out as a fragile sapling on top of a windy cold mountain. Life can find its way in any environment. We are rugged and strong. We can grow in the harshest conditions. Keep fighting, expect nothing but what you can provide for yourself and seek what will help you thrive. 
I have been all the way to the bottom and survived. You can too. I know this and expect nothing less. Have a wonderful holiday; every one will get better with time. 

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