Wednesday, August 24, 2011


We are hoping to hit some waterfalls this weekend. The falls around here look like they will be monumental. I have always enjoyed the falls in Upstate New York. Tinker's Falls, Buttermilk Falls, Chittenango Falls and Pratt's Falls were all major hiking spots for Roger and I.

There is a Oneonta Trail here we have to hit since we lived in Oneonta, NY. I have heard several meaning for the word Oneonta. I think it basically means cliffs or a mountain of rock. The pictures of the trail look very exciting.

I buzzed my dog so he wont get so hot this time on the trail. King's Mountain Trail was a little rough on the guy. It was 87 degrees and even us furless folks were pretty hot. We will try and get a nice and early start as well. We purchased two stainless steal water bottles so we will be nice and ready!

I am still looking for a fun place to go caving around here. I tried caving once in Albany, NY and it was pretty nuts. I would like to try something a little less intense but still challenging. 

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