Sunday, July 24, 2011

King of The Road

When I woke up from the tiny motel in Terry Montana I had no idea what I would be seeing when I walked out the door. It was 2 am when we arrived and had been dark through most of North Dakota. This town was so small and adorable. I came outside to doves cooing and the smell of fresh air. The motel was situated across from a itty bitty high school and right next to a home cooking diner. About three trucks passed with labs in the back and a guy in a 10 gallon hat in the front. As we pulled out I could see stunning rippling hills with multiple orange tones.

Montana could be the most beautiful state we drove through. The air smelled so incredible with strong tones of sage. I can't express enough how amazing the air smelled. I stood for about 20 minutes just taking in the deepest breaths I could muster. It felt so spiritual there. The colors were soft greens, golds and browns. The plants looked alien with giant seed pods, spiraling grains and prickles. I could just picture cowboys crossing the rivers on their horses. I think the trees there were cottonwoods. They filled the river valley with gnarled dark trunks and vibrant green leaves. Roger and I left some tobacco at the look out. A thank you to the creator for the most beautiful of views. We had left it in the many other spots we had visited to show our gratitude for the safe journey and as a thank you for such stunning views. I have to thank Lench for teaching me about how tobacco is a sacred plant and how to thank the creator for all of the beautiful things on this earth.

After this amazing moment and feeling clarity in our hearts we started on our journey again. The cliffs were out of this world. They had eroded into fluid shapes with stone towers that defied gravity. Tattered rust colored wooden barns emerged from the golden grains and the soft sage clumps along the sides of the roads. Beautiful horses roamed wide open spaces. They munched on the soft grasses as they swished away bugs with their tails.

Montana is such a huge state. As the hours passed so did the landscape. We entered more and more dramatic hills with giant rock formations, ancient wind tattered trees and hundreds of different grasses. We were surprised as we started our climb up a massive mountain road to see a sign we were entering Idaho. Northern Idaho is about as rugged as it gets. The climb up the mountain was intense. The train tracks that snaked through the rocks were awe inspiring. It was so old west. There was a historic mining town tucked in the mountain valley. A crisp river rushed along beside us. I was wishing more then anything I was in a kayak. They were working on the road on the way down the mountain so we were able to go very slow and enjoy every second of it. The lady holding the construction sign saw my huge grin and returned it. When we reached the descent we could see the town below with a huge quarry carved into it. It looked as if they had removed a whole mountain there. There was a huge white statue of the Virgin Marry above the town with her arms stretched. Everything from the Montana border on made me feel like an insignificant ant in the whole scheme of things.

We hit Washington and were once again shocked by the landscape. Every landscape is so unique and everyone blew my mind. In Washington the grassy areas were interrupted by small drop offs of very dark rock. The rocks looked like rectangular columns stacked closely together. There were sections that looked like a shallow version of the grand canyon with the stark black rock agains the golden grasses.

We stopped at a little cafe and got a couple home made gourmet sandwiches and a slice of peach pie. This is where I found a amazing cowgirl hat. I look kick ass with my cowgirl hat and aviators. I love collecting hats and this hat is going to go perfectly with my buffalo nickel hat I got in Arizona. I also found another giant animal sculpture and forced Roger to take my picture posing with the giant metal chicken.

This story must end with the giant chicken for I am exhausted. Stay tuned for more of my amazing cross country story! We will be unpacking the U-Haul tomorrow and I will write more as soon as I get time. You all have a great night. 

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