Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bee Light Project

Be sure to use paper that is not going to catch fire. I put wax paper on this and you can find waxy backed paper in craft stores. Don't use a light sorce that is going to get too hot. Here are the steps I took to make the lamp. This is free for personal use. Please to not sell my designs. : )

This is a template so I can make several quicly. The squares for this one are 2 1/4 " X 2 1/4" with 1 1/2" tabs that are 1/2" thick.

I forgot to add a tab in the picture here so adding a tab on the left or right will help later.

I added wax paper to the back and you can see it hanging down from the bottom.

I used a ruler to fold the edges and give a nice clean fold.

I used masking tape to attach the two back sides. Its not pro but it doesn't look bad.

Taped the flaps and just let it hang off the bulb lose.

All done. The key here is wax paper or some other paper with a waxy back. No hot bulbs. Paper can catch on fire and then I would feel really bad. Hope you have fun making this project.

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