Friday, October 14, 2011

Buy Hand Made Buy Eco Friendly

If you are like me you have been slapped in the face finding out that all of the traditional brands have hidden chemicals in them that cause illness later in life. You know people your age who have cancer and have read about people like Steve Jobs. It is outrages how prevalent these illnesses caused by unknown agents are.

For too long we have been in the dark about what we are eating, drinking and breathing in. I have gone from a small child drinking ectoplasm colored drinks to worrying about if my water is pure enough.

This lead to the creation of these all natural candles. You know exactly what went into them because I spent months "reading the back of the box".

Nothing toxic here but they are not just a luxury. In this day in age we are in a energy crisis and things like brown outs and power outages from large unexpected storms leaves us scrambling to find that old candle in the basement. Who knows what is in that candle. The hemp wicks in mine burn bright and white. Perfect for power outages. We burned all three sizes of the clear libby jars and found the 8 oz lasts 26 hours, the 12 oz lasts 32 hours and the 21 oz lasts 75 hours!! This is very good ensuring it will be there for your when you need it.

Not only is it practical but also beautiful. I can add a custom piece of art to the side of the candle hand cut in quality vellum. They are the perfect gift. You don't want to give your best friend or loved one a candle with secretly hidden toxic materials. Give them something quality and practical. :)

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